måndag 15 februari 2010

Inför festivalsommaren: Intervju med DRAGONTEARS' Lorenzo Woodrose - Roskilde festivalen 2009

BABY WOODROSE, ON TRIAL, THE FREEKS och nu senast DRAGONTEARS. Frontmannen Lorenzo Woodrose har fullt upp med att tillfredsställa sitt behov av musikaliskt utlopp. Efter lite osäkert pusslande med tider och platser får ROCKHARDER till slut den efterlängtade intervjun någon gång runt kl 12 på söndagen i mediabyn. I ett rofyllt och genomtänkt manér svarar han på frågorna. Det märks ens inte att han hållit igång sedan nattens show och inte sovit en blund.

How do you feel about playing at the Roskilde festival?
It’s a great experience! Being the biggest forum for a band in Denmark with a wide, pure audience that is interested in music. Like when BABY WOODROSE played at Roskilde for the first time, it really made a difference. It’s a little like lottery, with the right vibe and timing it can turn out to be a truly great experience.
The thing is that since there is so much music, it can get difficult to keep the audience throughout the whole concert. I really enjoyed the whole festival when I was younger, since there is so much music to discover in a place like this.

What did you think about the show last night?
Great, even though we had some technical problems. We had to manage without the organ and lightshow. Thereto, we only had one hour for preparations. Our lightshow may be cheaper than OASIS’ and JENNY WILSON’s, but it is better.

What is it that makes DRAGONTEARS stand out musically?
Its because of a certain amount of spontaneity. Most bands stick to their formula, DRAGONTEARS are different. With us its more about freedom and keeping the music alive. We try not to plan everything, the result becomes more fresh that way.

Which is DRAGONTEARS musical vision or mission?
DRAGONTEARS is a Psych-project featuring those that are interested in the bands concept. Right now we don’t have anything planned for the band. Our vision was to create something different - an open forum to play the music we wanted to make. To create a space for ideas that surface in the studio, or in life. That is satisfying! A little bit more free, a little more fun.

If one would like to tip about your music, which song would best represent DRAGONTEARS?
Good question. That is hard to say. Most songs have developed inside the studio, we offer a varied musical range. Between space rock - folk - electronic. Like with the covers last night (bl.a BOB DYLAND's Masters of War). Hard to pick one.

Text & foto: Banesa Martinez
URL: www.myspace.com/dragontears2000

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